Wednesday, March 30, 2011

POS Biennial General Meeting & Show

POS Biennial General Meeting and Orchid Show Sunday 27 March 2011
This year's BGM show was held at Garden Villa, 5 Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah (formerly Gopeng Road), Ipoh. This venue was offered by Mr. Jek Yap to our society to hold our orchid show and also our Biennial General Meeting and we want to take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt thanks for his kind gesture in helping our society during the last few years. As expected, another record entry of over 200 plants of very high show quality were brought to the show. The show started at 9a.m and by 11a.m we had in our register pants. Judging began at 11.30a.m.

Official bearers were:

Show Manager: Robert Ang
Register of Plants: Angie Yeow, Jessie Ang & Francis Firdaus

Recording: Hew Fook Yoong

Classification: Leong Tuck Lock & Low Kok Keong

Judges: Chief: Leong Tuck Lock

Judges: Low Kok Keong, Lim Cheen Nyon, Liew Chee Seng, Roslan Ismail

The Grand Champion went to Mr. Liew Chee Seng with his entry of Phalaenopsis Yungho Gelb Canary. This plant which was bought from Taiwan has 18 perfectly formed unblemished flowers. If you have any experience with white novelties, you will appreciate the difficulty of maintaining each flower in perfect form before the show. Mr. Liew, a extraordinary grower has won many Grand Champion prizes with his submissions ..... Congratulations !!

The Runner Up Champion went to Mr. Theow Kim Fook with his entry of Ionopsis utriculariodes, a very showy plant with more than 10 spikes in bloom.

Lunch of nasi lemak and fried chicken was served to everyone in the show. The food tasted exceptionally good ... maybe because we were all very hungry. The meeting started at 1p.m and after our President, Dato' Dr. Majumder called the meeting to order, she gave her address. Minutes of the last BGM were read and approved, BGM report for year 2009 / 2011 was also adopted and Statement of Accounts for year 2009 / 2011 was also adopted. Election of office bearers for year 2011 / 2012 commenced and the following members were elected:

President: Dato' Dr. Majumder

Deputy President: Mr. Leong Tuck Lock

VicePresidents: Mr. Robert Ang

Mr. Low Kok Keong

Mr. Hew Fook Yoong

Hon. Secretary: Puan Rusiah Mohd. Yusuff

Asst. Secretary: Mrs. Jessie Ang

Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Foo Yuk Weng

Committee Members: Enc. Roslan Ismail

Enc. Mior Adam

Mr. Lim Cheen Nyon

Mr. Liew Chee Seng

Mr. Gavin Tang

Mr. Francis Firdaus

Mr. Theow Kim Fook

Mr. Raymond Chan

Mr. Johnny Loh

Mdm. Annie Arul

Congratulations to each and everyone who has been elected and we hope that 2011 and 2012 will be better years.

Photograph of New Office Bearers for years 2011-2012 For more photographs please go to my face book

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