Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Taishan International Orchid Expo

Our Society has been invited to attend the First TaiShan International Orchid Expo held on 6th to 9th September 2009. We will be sending our representatives, Mr. Johnny Loh and Mr Liew Chee Seng who will do an orchid landscape display on a 2mx3m plot.

We wish to thank the following donors who have so generously contributed to their trip:

Perak Orchid Society RM1000

Jek Yap RM 500

Kelab Gemilang Perak RM 500

Dato' Dr Majumder RM 200

Leong Tuck Lock RM 200

Robert Ang RM 200

Liew Chee Seng RM200

Johnny Loh Tuck Yeong RM 200

Sunlight Flowers Farm RM 100

Leong Keng Hooi RM 50

Chan Yeen Toh RM 50

Foong Seong Soh RM 50

Chae Kit Hong RM 50

Sin Chan Wah RM 50

Lee Tze Kit RM 50

Chan Weng Kong RM 50

Total RM 3450

We wish them success .
I have just received news that our orchid landscape exhibit came in third place.
Photographs will be posted when they return.

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