Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baba Floral Fest 2009

FOMOS has been invited by BABA to organize an orchid show in conjunction with BABA Floral Fest 2009 details which are as follows:

Date : 5th ~ 13th December 2009.


1. The show will be held at the Car Park opposite Coffee Bean, Queensbay Mall, Penang.
2. Entries are accepted from orchid enthusiast, orchid society members and the general public.
3. There is no entry fee. Details of classes are found in the attached Schedule for Competition.
4. Prizes will be awarded for the following:
i. Best Plant of the Show
ii. Reserve Best Plant of the Show
iii. 1st., 2nd., & 3rd., for all classes
5. Entries for the show will be accepted for registration on date and time stipulated below.
5th December 2009 ( Saturday ) from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.
6. Judging will be held on Saturday, 5th December 2009, from 1400 hrs onwards.
Exhibitors and members of the public are kindly requested to leave the Show premises during this period. Removal of exhibits is on Sunday, 13th December 2009 @ 3.00 pm.
7. The decision of the Judges will be final in all aspects
8. The Show Committee reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations as and when necessary.
9. Infringement of the Rules and Regulations will lead to the disqualifications as and when necessary.
10. Acceptance of late entries and early removal of exhibits will be at the sole discretion of the Show Manager, Mr. Ng Hock Sing
11. Newly collected orchid species/plants from the wild will not be accepted for competition.
12. Exhibits will be disqualified if two or more plants are grown in a single pot or basket, provided if only one plant is in bloom.
13. Entry form and uniform cards will be provided for the exhibitors to fill in with regards to the entries.
14. Entry should be filled according to the schedule and all plants intended for competition must be placed in the specific area.
15. The Show Committee will not be held accountable for damage or loss of exhibits. All precautionary measures will be taken to safeguard the exhibits, including the use of security personal, during the period of the show. It is clearly understood that the exhibits are accepted at the owner’s risk. Stern action will be taken against anyone trying to damage or remove the exhibits.
16. All inquires relating to the “Rule and Regulations” of the show should be addressed to the Show Manager :-
Mr. Ng Hock Sing – 016 4187846

17. All individual entries in the classes will be consider for competition within
the class for which the exhibit has been entered for. The prizes are:

First Prize: RM50.00
Second Prize: RM30.00
Third Prize: RM20.00

Best Plant of the Show RM150.00
Reserve Best Plant of the Show RM100.00

21. No one plant wins more than one major prize.
22. The show organizing committee reserves the right to withdraw any class with less than five (5) entries. However, these entries will be re-classified to other nearest related classes.
23. All exhibits must be submitted with proper labeling.

All members are requested to support this show by entering as many plants for the show as possible.
If you need any other clarification, please contact us at

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