Sunday, August 15, 2010

Perak Orchid Society August Show

Perak Orchid Society
15 August 2010

This month saw another successful Show. Over 160 plants were entered and the Best Plant of The Show went to Mr Chin Ah Kow with a Vanda sanderiana.
Runner Up went to Chow Sek Meng with an Oncidium (Hamaetochilum x Maureen) x Josephine.

The Vanda and Cattelya sections were very strongly supported. Next monthly show will be on 19 September 2010

Show Manager : Hew Fook Yoong
Chief Judge: Low Kok Keong
Judges: Dr Loh
Michael Wong
Lim Cheen Nyon

Recorder: Leong Tuck Lock
Registration: Francis
Lai Ah Moy

To view the photographs of some of the orchids entered for the show please go to:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Singapore Garden Festival

The Singapore Garden Festival
I was at the Singapore Garden Festival, the final run before the World Orchid Conference in 2011. This show was held from 15th. to 22nd. July 2010 at Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre.
The floral and orchid display, and landscape designs, were amazing. The orchids were displayed in beautifully designed landscape, well blended with a theme. On the sixth floor, the whole area was transformed into a fantasy land with landscape and garden designs fit for a King. Trees 20 feet tall were brought in to form a secondary jungle complete with birds and insect sounds.

Encyclia alata an entry from Song Orchids won the Grand.Champion
I salute all the members of OSSEA for a job well done.

For more photographs please go to my face book

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Festival Anggerik Perak
Agrofest 2010

The show organised by three orchid societies in Perak, namely Taiping Orchid Society, Persatuan Peminat Anggerik Negeri Perak and Perak Orchid Society in conjunction with The Perak Tourism Board and State Agriculture Development Corporation, Perak. Hari Peladang Penternak or Farmer's Day was celebrated from 3rd to 8th August 2010 at Ladang Infoternak, Sungai Siput, Perak

Best Plant of the Show Den Enobi 'Purple'

A total of 351 plants were entered for the show. 40 classes comprising prizes of RM100 for the first prize, RM70 for the second prize and RM50 for the third prize for each class were awarded to the winners. Best Plant of the Show was RM500 and for The Best Specie and Best Hybrid were RM300 each.
Best Species, stanopea connata and Best Hybrid, Rhy. Chochalood were awarded to Mr. and Mrs. Sin Chan Wah.

The three top prizes were given away by Kerajaan Negri Perak, YB Dato' Hamidah bt . Osman, Ahli Majlis Mesyuarat , together with Dato' Dr. Majumder, President of the Perak Orchid Society.

Judges for the show were as follow:
Chief Judge: Leong Tuck Lock

1st Leader : Michael Ooi (Penang)
2nd Leader: Hew Fook Yoong (Ipoh)

Tan Kim Lean (FOMOS)
Rajendran (Selangor)
Suhaimi (OSM)
Chan Weng Woh (Ipoh)
Tan Eng Khoon (Taiping)
Peggy Tan (OSSEA Singapore)
Eric Simon (Selangor)

Chairman of the Show : Hamdan Osman
Show Manager: Robert Ang
Infrastructure: Hew Fook Yoong
Classification: Leong Tuck Lock
Registration: Jessie Lee, Angie Yeow, Raymond Chan Soon Hock.
Others: Liew Chee Seng, Lim Cheen Nyon, Michael Wong and Asmi.

Dato' Hamidah toured the show with some officials and commented that she was very pleased with how the show was organised and thank all the members who have worked so hard to make it a success. In her closing speech, she confirmed that she will work seriously with POS President, Dato' Dr. Majumder to make our proposal of an orchid garden on a 6 acre land a reality. This garden will not only be a tourist attraction but also will promote the orchid industry in Perak.
The highlight of the event was the presentation of a new hybrid, Den . Muhyuddin Yassin named after the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Hj Mohd Yassin by the Vice President of Perak Orchid Society, Mr. Robert Ang on behalf of Perak Orchid Society.

The hybrid measuring 6.5cm x 3cm with upright sepals of three twists is dark reddish brown in colour. The dark colouration comes from Den. Black Spider whose genes dominated that of the other parent plant, Den. Ong-Ang Ai Boon which has yellow flowers. All the hybrids that bloomed has no yellow colouration and almost all are dark brown to black in colour. This hybrid is originated by Robert Ang.
This event attracted more than 300 stalls selling agro and related products and Dato' Hamida said that over two hundred thousand people came to grace the show.

A fantastic show and all thanks should go to all who have helped in any way to make this a success.
Special thanks goes to all the exhibitors who brought so many plants many of which are best plants in their own rights. To mention a few, Den. Lime Frost, Den. Hiroshi Tokunaga, Den . Frosty Dawn, and many miniature dendrobiums and phalaenopsis are champions in their own right.
To view all the other photographs taken in the show please go to my facebook eucharistorkid and log into!/album.php?id=1318492430&aid=73582 .

Monday, August 9, 2010

POS Monthly Orchid Show

Perak Orchid Society - July Show

This month's show was again very well supported and surprisingly, many who have not been to our show, Ah Chiat Orchids and Raymond Lee entered over 50 plants. A total of 200 plants were entered and the Best Plant in Show was Dendrobium Lime Frost submitted by Liew Chee Seng. This superbly grown plant with over 50 blooms caught the eyes of the judges. The runner -up went to Chan Kin with his Cyc. Jumbo Puff. This very healthy plant has 3 spikes with over 10 blooms on each spike.

Show Manager: Robert Ang
Chief Judge: Hew Fook Yoong
Judges :
Johnny Loh, Michael Wong, Lim Cheen Nyon, Cha Chuan Tuck
Registration : Jessie Lee

To view the photographs that were entered in the show, please go to my facebook eucharistorkid and go to this link!/album.php?id=1318492430&aid=73463