Monday, November 28, 2011

1st Perak International Orchid Fiesta Batu Gajah

1st Perak International Orchid Fiesta Batu Gajah

Organisers: Tourism Perak, Persatuan Peminat Anggerek, Persatuan Orchid Perak (Perak Orchid Society)

Venue: Arena Square (Taman TaseK) Batu Gajah

Date : 25 November to 2 December 2011

he show was well supported by members from Perak Orchid Society and also from the other orchid societies around the region.
A total of 336 plants were entered for the show . All 40 classes were represented by very high quality and showy exhibits. In some classes, there were even more than 20 entries in each class.
Best Plant of the Show went to Mr. Liew Chee Seng with his evergreen Dendrobium Frosty Dawn, a showy plant with more than 50 flowers. This plant has won many top prizes in other orchid shows in the past.

Mr. Liew Chee Seng, indeed POS best grower, also won the Runner Up Plant with his entry of Arundina graminifolia, another showy plant with more than 100 flowers. This plant commonly known as the bamboo orchid, can be found extensively along the highways and especially along the roads leading up to Cameron Highlands. However, this variety is a hybrid of the dwarf variety.

Best Species went to Mr. Sit Tai Choy with his entry of Rhy. retusa, another very showy plant with 8 spikes. As retusa normally blooms at the end of the year, there were half a dozen retusa at the show and the judges picked this particular plant because of the number of spikes.

The show was opened by Yang Bahagia Dato' Haji Jamry bin Haji Sury, District Officer of Batu Gajah on 26th Novemberr 2011 at 6p.m. After the short opening ceremony, our President, Dato' Dr. Majumder together with some of our committee members, showed Dato all the plants that were on exhibition. A phalaenopis was then presented to Dato' Jamry in appreciation of his support for our Society.

As this was supposed to be an International Show, we invited many ju
dges from around the Asian region to participate in our show but due to unforseen circumstances, quite a number of judges could not make it to our show. The Indonesian could not get their exit permits in time and the Thais had to return to their farms immediately after WOC to check on the flood situation in their country.

Judges are as follows:

1 I-Sheng Chen (Taiwan)

2 Long-Huei Chen (Taiwan)

3 Thomas Chow (Singapore)

4 Dato' Dr Fonseka (OSM)

5 Chan Weng Woh (OSM)

6 Neoh Cheow Chen (TOS)

7 Tan Eng Khoon (TOS)

8 Johnny Cheah (FOMOS)

9 Tan Kim Lean (FOMOS)

10 Lawrence Tang (KOS)

11 Lim Ee Lim (KOS)

12 Liew Chee Seng (POS)

13 Low Kok Keong(POS)

14 Roslan Ismail (POS)

Show Manager: Mr Leong Tuck Lock

Chief Judge: Mr Hew Fook Yoong

Recorders: Jessie Lee

Robert Ang

A few photographs taken from the show are reproduced below. For more photographs, please go to our Perak Orchid Society Blog.

The next International show will be held at Sungei Siput on th 18th December 2011. Further details will be included in our Perak Orchid Society Blog so please keep a lookout for it.

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